WC Dobermans Is proud to announce our new litter. We have 2 black males, 2 black females and 1 red female.
Deposits have been placed on all 5 of the Puppies. If you are interested in a puppy from future litters, contact us by Calling 970 234-2143.  Please leave me a message.

Photos taken Nov. 20th
The Males

The Females

1st Pick Black Male - Johnny, Denver, CO
Blue Collar Male
1st Pick Black Female - Lesya, Berthoud, CO
Pink Collar Female
2nd Pick Black Male - Vincent & LeAnn, Albuquerque, NM
Red Female - Janet, Denver, CO
2nd Pick Black Female - Amanda, Denver, CO

Photos taken Nov. 6th
The Males


The Females

The pairing is between WC Doberman's Monster and Angel and Demons Kitanna.  Below is complete pedigree information on the impressive Sire and Dam. If you are interested in obtaining one of our puppies, contact us as soon as possible to be placed on our list which is a first come, first served basis. linkporter20@gmail.com

   Considering the prestigious quality of the bloodlines, you will find that our puppies are very reasonably priced. All pups are V.W.D. clear. Prices start at $2200 with AKC registration.

Our  Breeding Pair:

Click Here for Pedigree Info

Click Here for Pedigree Info

Our most recent litter - April 2020.
Photos Below taken at 6 Weeks old.


Black Collar - Red Male

Brown Collar - Black Male

Yellow Collar - Black Female

Green Collar - Black Female

Orange Collar - Black Female

Pink Collar - Red Female

Purple Collar - Black Female